Ep. 16 - A Grave For A Dolphin by Alberto Denti di Pirajno, Part 2

A Grave For A Dolphin pic.JPG

We’re wrapping up A Grave For A Dolphin discussing some of the most beautiful and heart wrenching love stories we’ve come across. There’s the tale of young Hassib who is the most tragic character in a true love story we have ever read. From the book: “I had always thought that ‘to love to distraction’ was an idiomatic expression: an unlettered ragamuffin fourteen years old had taught me that it can also literally be true.”

And there’s the story of the relationship of Camara and Shambowa…and a dolphin. So magical!

Part two is filled with love and loss and lessons which could benefit us all. We highly recommend tracking down this hard to find book! And whether you have been able to do so, or not, you can absolutely listen to this episode and have a little bit of the magic rub off on you!