Bowie Ep. 15 - A Grave For A Dolphin by Alberto Denti di Pirajno


Ten year old Alberto Denti di Pirajno met a man at a retirement party he attended with his mother who was celebrating fifty years of making Punchinello’s noses. Fifty years at this job. Making puppet noses day in and day out. Unimaginable! The author thinks perhaps this was partially at the root of his wander lust.

Alberto grew up to become a doctor, and the material for A Grave For A Dolphin came from his experience as a doctor and an administrator in Italy’s former African colonies. The themes for this collection of stories are children, animals, and magic.

There is the healing of a young boy by a witch doctor, a python hunt, a drunken parrot, the ape and the baboon, the wonderful tale of A Sermon For Wart-hogs, and so much more!

These beautifully told stories made us question our perception of nature and animals, and our relationship to them. It really does seem that in the western world we close our eyes to the magic that’s happening all around us. No more. Open your minds and your hearts and join us on this mystical journey!