Bowie Ep. 1 - Black Boy by Richard Wright, Part 1

Episode 1 - Black Boy, PART 1.png

In our first 75 Reads book club episode, we're discussing part one of Black Boy by Richard Wright. We begin our journey with Richard as he goes from a young boy living in the Jim Crow south, through high school, and to his impending departure to find a new life in the north.

This book is blowing us away! Richard Wright’s writing is absolutely melodic. The stories are heart wrenching. And, it’s so jarring to think that the events laid out in this book didn’t happen all that long ago.

Also, we noticed that all of the books on David Bowie’s top 75 recommended reads were written in his lifetime. Fascinating, and unusual. We’ll definitely be keeping this in mind as we make our way through this awesome list and hopefully come to some understanding as to why. If you have any thoughts on this, leave a comment or a tweet!

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