About The Pod & Ep. 1

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75 Reads is a hybrid podcast / book club hosted by April Bowlby and Jo Bozarth. We like to say that we are enthusiasts, not experts, who feel that you can really get to know a person by the books she/he reads. So that's just what we're setting out to do, and we'd love to have you join us.

The first season of 75 Reads will be dedicated to David Bowie. We feel so fortunate to happen to be on this earth at the same time he was, and we hope that by reading books from his recommended list we can gain a little insight into what he was about. 

Our first full length episode will go live in a couple of weeks, so hit your library, local book store, or go online and pick up the first book on our list, Black Boy by Richard Wright. In episode one we'll talk about Part One of this book. So, get to reading and let's follow each other's progress on Twitter and chat about it all on the podcast! Looking forward to your insights!

Here's a sneak peak (listen) at what's coming up: