Ep. 20 - On The Road by Jack Kerouac, Part 2

On The Road book cover.JPG

We’re wrapping up our journey with Sal and the gang with the second half of On The Road by Jack Kerouac. And we are a house divided. One of us liked it, one of us not so much. There were some beautiful life lessons, mostly learned by watching the supporting characters, the jazz musicians and the people encountered on the Mexico trip. Did we continue to see Bowie in the book? Mmmm, not really. Does the book hold up today? Well, geographically yes. But, if you are in a different phase in life than you were when you first read this book, probably in your early twenties, you may have a different emotional experience with it now. We did! And if you are currently a young 20something, how is On The Road grabbing you? Is it inspiring you to get on the road, or making you want to hunker down in front of your screen of choice?

Listen and let us know which camp you’re in! Do you dig this book, or do you not? Tweet at us and find us on IG: @75reads.