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It all started when…

Jo came across David Bowie’s recommended reading list. She Polo’d April immediately, as they are both huge Bowie fans, and said “Hey, do you want to read these books with me? It’ll be our own little book club!” And then, about half an hour later they both thought, “Why have a book club of two, when we can read these books with Bowie fans (and book fans) everywhere? We have the technology.” Thus, 75 Reads was born.

April and Jo have been friends for well over a decade. They are a couple of LA ladies. Creative types, you know the kind… people who write bios in the third person.

They’re hoping that, by reading these books, they can get more insight into the mind and heart of their beloved David Bowie. Each book is split into two episodes, which drop every other week. So, there’s plenty of time for listeners who are reading along to chime in on Twitter or Instagram.

This particular reading list consists of 75 books, which will be covered in season one of the podcast. The ladies are hoping that whomever they choose to read next also has 75 books on her/his list.